Saturday, February 25, 2012


1.All of us are nerds.Deny as much as you want,once you're in medicine, you are a nerd. Look around, most of us have a book or lecture notes in hand.

2.You want to know how to spot a medical student when you're in UiTM? Look around for groups of students wearing baju kurung or a shirt and tie. Chances are they are medical students.

3.We bring tons of books back home even though we know we won't read more than a page. Why? Because if we don't bring anything home, we feel guilty. I'd rather waste energy carrying those thick ass books than feel guilty.

4.About 90% of us would have a "Why the heck did i choose medicine?" moment.

5.We get excited when we see a dead body. We get hungry after seeing a cadaver. Don't ask why. We just do.

6.Our lecture hall is more of a sauna than a lecture hall. I sweat more in there than i do exercising.

7.We have the ability to sleep during lectures while sitting up straight.

8.We also have the ability to appear focused and look like we understand what the lecturers are saying.

9.Now which one to read....hmmmm...Lecture notes...books...lecture notes...
books....Lecture notes WIN

10.We go around asking people "you baca lecture note ke baca buku?"


xintherius said...

I have to disagree with #3. I only brought back books during the 1st week, lepastu tak dah hahaha

nazurah said...

hhahahhaha..i should do tht too

yazara said...

errr...bace lcture note bile nk dkt exam..tapi rasenye lebih bnyak refer solan past year..he3..*_*