Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Happy New Year everyone!

So i just turned 19 a few days ago. Yeah i know...People keep telling me, "Enjoy your last year of teen-dom".That made me realize. Oh dear, I'm going to be 20 next year. 21 the year after that. Now that hit me like a brick wall. I am an adult. I don't know whether i should be happy,sad or just plain scared. Sure being an adult means you don't have to do certain things you hated to do when you were a teen, BUT with age comes greater responsibilities. More things to worry about. GREAT. To tell you the truth, I am terrified. I fear for my future. What lies ahead. What God has planned out for me. Will i be a doctor? lawyer? or an underpaid desk clerk?

I yearn to turn back and return to a time where everything was much simpler. You go to school, you learn new things, you go home, you eat and you sleep. No mountains of homework, no early morning lectures, no staying up late to study. I want to be that kid again, the one who didn't really care about the outside world. The one who wanted to go to school everyday and meet her friends and play.The one who was so naive to think that everyone was her friend. The one who thought that an owl will send you a letter from Hogwarts when you turn 11(well i did!)

Still want to grow up fast kids? Well let me impart you with this piece of wisdom...."Enjoy your childhood while you still can. Play, laugh and get your clothes dirty as often as you can."