Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lessons in life

i realized that you can learn the most unusual things when you are down with the flu, having a sore throat and a massive headache. i just had one experience last Wednesday with none other than my(unfortunately)best friend nadiah j or nadnad for short.

so there i was sitting in class, waiting for the bell to ring at 1.10,(we didn't have est that day. i count my little blessings)planning my next activity at home...1.take off my shoes
2.take my pills
3.crawl to my beloved bed
4.make my trip to Lala Land.
all day long, i was yearning,dreaming and craving to lie in bed, with the air conditioner on and the tv on. that was my heaven right there...so close yet so far!anyway, when the bell rang, i couldn't wait to get home, until nad's phone rang(nadiah dah maju, die ade phone sekarang).it was her mum. naturally, i would want a fast ride home instead of waiting for the van.

me:nad....i nak tumpang.nak balik cepatlah
nad:jap eh...
(nad was on the phone)
nad:my mum nak keluar...die nak punch in and then pegi kl central. nak amik ticket. nak ikut tak?
naz:bolehlah. dgn your dad sekali ke?

we made the long journey to her car. i said my hello's to her parents and we set off to her office. naturally, the whole trip was filled with funny moments and absurdly funny conversations(thank you uncle and auntie!!!!)on our way to IKEA(we got hungry and decided to have lunch, although i later found out that nad's mum wanted to go shopping)the radio was playing this weird malay song. i listen harder and it was about a chicken! yes, a song about a chicken.

radio:ayam...macam macam ayam....
naz:nad, kenapa lagu ni pasal ayam
nad:sebab orang tu suke ayam...
naz:oh.nad....why are we listening to this?
uncle:because auntie and i are bringing it to US
naz:eh? kenapa!!!!lagu ni peliklah!!!
nad:welcome to my world.
all four of us started laughing.

the next song was even worse.
radio:makanan pelik-pelik...(something i didn't catch)....tahi itik...
naz:nad....kenapa lagu nih!
nad:entahlah naz. my dad beli!
uncle:sedap ape lagu nih!

and the rest will forever be on my mind.....that was my experience with nad's quirky family. but hey, i love being quirky and had a blast. so what i have learned :
1. all mothers are the same(they like to shop)
2. IKEA is a good place to have lunch and shop
3. never take mothers to IKEA
4. children and fathers are able to bear with shopping mums
5. there are songs out there that should be banned!!