Monday, August 22, 2011

When I was....

When I was 6, i couldn't wait to go to school,
I could not wait to wear the school uniform, a dark blue kain and white baju kurung,
Walking around with brand new white sneakers with straps,
I could not wait to go to school with a cool bag pack on my back; the ones with the wheels and power rangers pictures on it.

When I was 12, I was extremely excited to go high school; that was where the teenagers go to school,
To me, the light blue kain was a kind of status; you're a teenager with unimaginable freedom,
You get to stay up late and do cool things that teenagers do( I did not know what those cool things were at the time),
You're almost a grownup.

When I was 15, all i wanted to do was to turn 17 as soon as possible,
They are the seniors, the ones whom I, unfortunately misunderstood as the ones who are above the rules,
They ate in class, used their phones in class and no one was there to punish them(or so i thought),

When I was 17, I wanted SPM to be over and turn 18,
I wanted to finish school and start college,
I wanted to be able to go to the cinema and watch over 18 movies without the risk of being caught,hang out with friends at swanky cafes after class,
After 11 years of wearing school uniforms, I wanted to be able to go to class wearing my favourite jeans and t-shirt.

So here I am 19 years old and almost 20,
Here I am waiting to start medical school,
I look back and think of the years that went by,
I realize how naive I was to want to grow up so quickly,
To want to leave school so soon,

Here I am wishing that I was back in school,
Still wearing those white sneakers and the school uniform,
I don't care that I can't bring my phone to school,
Or drive to school or wear my jeans and t-shirt,
I do not mind if i have to retake UPSR, PMR or SPM,
As long as I get to stay in school again,

If only I can go back in time and meet my younger self,
I would pass on one advice to the little me,
Who was so desperate to grow up so soon,
I would say, "Enjoy these 11 years little one, for one day you will look back and wish you could stay in school forever"