Friday, December 3, 2010

Top ten things you should know about UiTM students

1)Every time we see each other we don't say "Hello". Instead we say "Oh my God I haven't finished my lab report yet."

2)We complain that we are not getting enough sleep because we spend late hours staying up to study. Don't hear us complaining about the lack of sleep when we stay up till 6 a.m. in front of the computer or the telly do you?

3)If you see us nodding repeatedly when the lecturer is looking at us while teaching, it means that we are not really paying attention. We just want the lecturer to stop looking at us.

4)We complain that we have too much work to do yet when the lecturers do not give us any we complain that they are not doing their jobs.

5)We loathe our lecturers for the amount of workload that they give but when he/she is replaced in the next semester, we say "Lecturer dulu tu kan lagi best"

6)We say that we don't miss our parents and we are glad to be free. Strangely, most of us go home every weekend.

7)High school student:I can't wait to finish high school and go to university
University student :I want to go back to high school!!!!!

8)70% of us would wake up every morning and say ,"What the hell am I doing here????"

9)Most of us gained weight after June 2010.

10)90% of us say " I shouldn't have applied for the JPA scholarship!"

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Political nonsense.

Hello my peeps! It's been awhile since my last post. I was too busy getting settled back in Uni. The second semester of this hell hole of a programme we call Asasi Sains has begun.
Back to my post.....

Now, if i ask you who is your favourite PM, most of you would reply Dr. Mahathir. Why? Because he put Malaysia on the map, because he managed to modernise the country, because he built the Petronas Twin Tower, because,because...the list goes on and on. Most of you would say he was a great man.Even outside of Malaysia, Mahathir was considered a great leader. A maverick. A man who made Malaysia famous. For once, it was good to hear people know where Malaysia is. It was good that we don't have to mention that Malaysia is next to Singapore.

When Tun Abdullah finally came to power succeeding Mahathir's 22-year long tenure, we were happy. It was a good change. Well, that was just a small happy period for Abdullah. Soon most of us lashed out at him. He's weak, he sleeps all the time, He listens to his son-in-law more than his own advisors .To top it all, he lost his wife to cancer too. Being the first Malaysian PM(correct me if i'm wrong) to lose a wife while in office.What do you expect Abdullah to do? Build another skyscraper just to prove that he is just as great as Mahathir? Come on people, he was in power for less than 2 years and people started complaining and criticising his administration.Mahathir conveniently came out of retirement to lead a crusade against Mahathir. All the while, Abdullah remain silent(Not one of your best decisions).

Perhaps Tun Abdullah's biggest mistake was allowing media transparency too early during his time in power. Malaysians lived under a tight media censorship rule for 22years under Mahathir. All the skeletons in Mahathir's closet( or should i say closets) were hidden pretty well for more than two decades. Allegation of corruption and wrong doings were often voiced out by brave souls but they were never proven. Why? Because Mahathir was a smart man. He knew how to hide his vices. So when Abdullah allowed media transparency, all the skeletons were for everyone to see. All the shit that happened during Mahatir's tenure were revealed. Unfortunately,people thought it was Abdullah's dirty laundry. Tun Abdullah also inherited all the problems that Mahathir cleverly left behind. The result, Abdullah's administration was seen as far more corrupted and weak than his predecessor's. People within UMNO decided he was incompetent and even publicly asked for his resignation.Though i fear this is more out of political ambition than a desire to see UMNO be restored to glory.

Most people say, owh I don't think Mahathir practiced corruption. COME ON PEOPLE! This is politics we're talking about. A man with no ambition cannot survive in politics. Ambitions require support. Support requires money. At the end of the day, no matter how clean you try to be, you are still 6 inches deep in corruption. As a friend of mine once said "Politics,poly meaning many,ticks are bloodsuckers. Politics means many bloodsuckers". It is true. Do not think for once that Mahathir is clean. He was never clean. If he accused Abdullah of allowing his son to dabble in politics to control him, is he forgetting about his own son? Mukhriz may not have controlled his father but he sure did get a lot of benefits from being the PM's son don't you think? Mukhriz even wrote a letter asking(albeit politely) for Abdullah to resign.

Do you honestly think that a man can stay in power for two decades and stay clean? It sounds impossible. Abdullah is said to have a house in Australia.Corruption? Sure. Well what about the rumour that Mahathir has a ranch in Argentina? Rumour or not, it proves that Mahathir is NOT corruption-free. Far from it. If that is not some indication that Mahathir practiced corruption, i do not know what is. He may criticise Abdullah for all of his weaknesses, but dear Tun Mahathir, do not declare that you are clean and without flaws. He may be a great man. He may be one of the greatest Prime Minister in Malaysian history. But he is not a saint. I really do pity Tun Abdullah. He was a scapegoat for Tun Mahathir and his erm ....minions. I shall not name them. You know who they are. I am not defending Tun Abdullah. I am not saying he is clean either. As previously mentioned, honest men in politics are rare. I just want to make sure that people do not forget what Tun Mahathir did. Do not let his achievements blind you of his wrong doings. Do not think that what he did for Malaysia is great enough for him to be forgiven for his mistakes. He may be hailed as a hero now, but someday, people are really going to see the real Mahathir.

Author's note: Please do not take it personally. I'm only 18. Still a student. I hope to enter politics one day. Perhaps even become PM. Having an ISA record is not a good way to start my political campaign or my medical career for that matter. So please, please i beg of you do not take it personally. Tun Mahathir, if you are reading this( just dream) please don't report me to the police.Any criticism will be most welcomed.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the universe

I was watching History Channel's 'The Universe' yesterday about the Milky Way galaxy. As we all know, our solar system is just a minute spot at the edge of the Milky Way. To us humans, the solar system is so vast yet we are just a speck in the galaxy. If that does make you feel insignificant, the Milky Way is just one galaxy out of the 170 BILLION GALAXIES in the observable universe. When they say observable, does that mean there are many more galaxies in the "UNSEEN' universe? I guess i'll never know.

The mysteries of the universe is something that has fascinated me for many years. The universe is defined as the totality of everything that exists,including all physical matter and energy, the planets, stars, galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space. From what I know, the universe expands faster that the speed of light. For those who didn't know that, YES THE UNIVERSE EXPANDS. IT STILL IS! So if the universe continuously expands, where does it expand into? Put it this way, if a balloon is pumped while inside a container, it will expand in size. This is because there are spaces between the walls of the container and the balloon. Once the balloon touches the walls, the balloon will explode if more air is pumped. So if the universe is expanding, what is the space onto which the universe expands?The space that i'm talking about is not the "OUTER SPACE" where shuttles fly to but "SPACE",a three-dimensional framework in which we can sense direction and quantify distances between objects or points (Courtesy of Wiki). According to Wikipdia, the expansion for the universe is intrinsic, meaning that the universe is not expanding outwardly into a pre-existing space. It does expand into anything outside of itself. Confused? So am I.Based on the finite theory, space(the mathematical concept)wraps around itself. If we were to hypothetically walk across the universe, we would actually end up back in the place where we started.

So, we all know that the background of the universe is black. So if the rapidly expanding universe is black, does that mean the pre-existing space( suppose there is a pre-existing space) is colourless? According to scientists, the universe will continuously expand until it rips itself apart. I used to think( I still do) that the universe will continue to expand until it reaches the edge/boundary of the erm..."space" and when it does reach the end,there will be a sign hung onto the boundary of space that says "DEAD END". haahhahhhahaha

In the end, we do not know whether space extends to infinity or there is a boundary somewhere out there. I guess it's something that only GOD knows.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"What the hell am i doing here?". That is the question that i ask myself every single day. What am i doing in UiTM? Why am i doing foundation here? Why do i want to pursue medicine? Lately, i find myself doubting my ambitions in life. I know i am smart. Not as intelligent as some but smart nonetheless. However, seeing the top scorers acing every single quiz,test and exams makes me wonder whether i am smart enough to pursue a medical degree. A doctor once told me, "Anyone can be a doctor, you just need patience, passion and hard work." True as it may be, i still wonder if i am qualified enough to study medicine. Being a doctor is the one constant thing in my life.Sure i had other ambitions like becoming and astronaut, an astronomer, even a power ranger at one point but being a doctor was always my biggest dream. Unfortunately, being a doctor is the ambition of thousand of other Malaysians. Its the 'it' thing to do nowadays. I mean almost everyone in the science stream wants to become a doctor. Out of the hundreds of SPM high scorers, you can bet there will be twenty or thirty students wanting to become doctors.

The number of doctors doing their housemanship has increased so rapidly that even the officers in charge are unable to control and keep track f them. Some doctors even finish their housemanship without even gaining any experience or learning anything. Are these the doctors that you want to be roaming around treating patients? Instead of curing patients, they will just leave a trail of dead bodies. It was predicted that Malaysia will experience a 'saturation of doctors' soon. If there are so many doctors in Malaysia, why is there still a lack of doctors in government hospitals and clinics? Where did all the young,ambitious doctors go? Sadly, the idea of long hours working in government hospitals does not appeal to them. Instead, they flee to the comforts of the private sector or open up their own clinic. I must say, i am seeing clinics popping up everywhere like mushrooms! In a small town, there could be five to six clinics. I once plucked the courage to ask a doctor why did he open up his own clinic instead of working in a government hospital, his reply was simple "The working hours are not flexible and the pay is so low." I understand that money is important but that is just ridiculous. Do you become a doctor to make tons of money or do you do it to help people? Since when did medicine become a glamorous profession instead of the noble one it was before? Is the title of DOCTOR in front of your name more important than helping people? Unfortunately, GLORY is far more important and satisfying.

Could I be one of these people? Do i really want to become a doctor to help people or because the glory that i think i would achieve? My biggest fear is that i would not be the good doctor that i hope to be.For all i know, i might end up being those cold, unfriendly doctors who show no warmth towards their patients. They view their patients like objects and nothing more. The 7 week break has given me time to reevaluate my goals and priorities. Fortunately, i still believe that i can make a difference in the medical field. It may be small, but still, a difference. I may not be the smartest person, but what i lack in intelligence i shall make up in passion and determination.

Lately, i saw the setbacks that i faced this year as a sign from God. Could it be that i am not meant to be a doctor? That i would end up in a different field all together? That i have been to arrogant and proud to think that i could become a doctor? I must admit, i did consider dropping the idea of pursuing medicine. However, seeing friends in medical school motivated me to stop thinking negatively and moping around and start working harder.Walls are made for you to climb over it, not to stop you. With this renewed fire burning within me, i find myself determined as ever to become a doctor. Hopefully, i will.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

revaluation: a special post by Nazurah Badrul Zaman and Nadiah Jamaludin

How time flashes by. That is what often comes through my mind when i think back about my journey in life. It seems only yesterday that i stepped into 1 Jaya for the first time. I was just a young girl, nervous yet excited to begin this new chapter in life. Excited to put on the new uniform and those white shoes, proud to be carrying a new bag with wheels on, proud to be a 'big little girl' as my mum would say. I am sure all of us felt the same way as i did. Primary school was something new to us. Different than playschool and kindergarten. It was a new world, waiting to be discovered. New friends to make,new things to learn.We would be eager to learn new things. Constantly paying full attention to the teacher when he or she was teaching in front. We would race to finish our homeworks in time just to please the teachers. We would fight with each other just to get the chance to help a teacher carry her or his books. As if six years passed in a blink of an eye, we were all in Standard Six. We were all starting to feel the pressure of major exams. The first of many yet to come. UPSR came and went in an instant. We got through our results , be it good or bad with a sense of pride.We have finished primary school. We're leaving those tween years and entering the turbulent years of 'teenagehood' as i'd like to term it.

Some of us went to boarding school while most of us stayed behind in our hometown and began high school at SMK Taman Melawati. After years of primary education, we find ourselves starting back at the bottom of the food chain. Turning 13 was a big deal for all of us. We're no longer kids who would hold hands with mommy and daddy while walking to class. We no longer listen to our parents as we used to. We longer treat our teachers with the respect that we gave to our old teachers. No, things have changed. Old friendships that stood the test of time in primary school were broken and new ones were forged. Some of us even experienced puppy love. Sadly, i was not one of those people. hehehhe... Hormones were ranging and being in a relationship was the 'in' thing. We thought the love would last forever. Oh how we were naive.( Forever to a teenager would probably mean a month or two)

We rebelled more than we did before. It felt good, to defy someone. We stopped following the rules,question everything that we used to follow loyally. Gone were the school ties. Say hello to the large belt buckles, the outrages hairstyles and the messy appearances that we thought we cool. To be honest, I always thought that the boys were trying to outdo each other's hairstyle. Hair were becoming higher and higher. It's amazing how gel can make hair defy the laws of gravity. Fights were the norm in school. Gangs, girls and silly misunderstandings can lead to fights. Cops were regular visitors to our school. We made it through PMR with results ranging from 8A's to all fails. With our results, some of us moved out to boarding schools and some of us chose to finish school in Taman Melawati. We were segregated to different streams. Science, Accounts and Arts. What stream we were in will shape our future or so we were told. We paid more attention in class and started to study harder. SPM was just a year away. Then again, some of us treated form four as a honeymoon year(me included). Form five finally came. We were all a bit nervous yet still playful. Teachers began to pressure us to study harder. Homeworks were piling up, tests were so frequent it nearly drove me insane. The counselors began to have sessions to discuss future universities, colleges and even employments. Yes, we were being backed against a corner.

It finally came. D-DAY. SPM. Years of blood( ok a bit dramatic), sweat and tears preparing for this final exam of your high school life. This exam will be decider of everything we have learned. The very thing that will settle and end every single comparison made by parents regarding your grades. The ultimate indicator for teachers. The measuring stick to the success of their hardwork. Will it pay off? Will it be worth the patience, the numerous lectures and nagging that they have to endure in order to make students understand? Months of waiting finally, thankfully ended. The results were released. We jumped in joy,cried in joy and sorrow. A whirlwind of emotions compressed in a compact hall. We finally made it. High school is over. A new chapter begins. The battle to fill in scholarship applications, forms for colleges and Unis begins. We are now legal adults. We can drive legally. We can watch R rated movies without trying to sneak into one.

As I look back to my high school years, i wished i could change things. I wished we were more respectful to our teachers. Less fighting and more listening. Maybe we would have understand why things we as they were. Why what we did was wrong. Why were the rules created in the first place. It was for our benefit. Oh how i wished i had realised that before.

As all of us prepare to enter the next phase of our lives, we need to look back to our past. Reevaluate the perspectives that you have now. Learn from the mistakes that you have made in the past. It is never too late to change your future for the better. We need to be prepared for the next battle. It will not be a bed of roses. Hopefully, with the experiences of the past, we can get past this phase with our limbs intact. Ok, i need to stop typing as i have to start packing for Uni. UiTM here i come!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey, its been a while since my last post. The truth is that i just don't have time to think of anything to write about. CAL just takes the life out of you. On weekends, you only have time to catch up on your sleep. A goodnight sleep is something that is really rare. On average, I sleep for about 5 to 6 hours. Coffee is the only thing that keeps me going. That and the fact that my mum paid RM 12,000 for the fees. HAHAHAHHAHA...Money really puts things in perspective doesn't it?

Anyway, i have been offered a place in UiTM to do foundation in science. UiTM was not my first choice, nor was it my second. It was my third. It was quite a shocker for me to get UiTM to be honest. Of course, i spent the whole day moping around the house, contemplating on my awful string of bad lucks. First the SPM result, then the JPA rejection and now this. Not to mention that my best friend achieved everything that i didn't. Then it dawned on me( about time too), that these are all lessons and experiences that not only made me humble but also stronger in a way. I know what it is like to be rejected(believe me, that is something that i will never forget. What can break you makes you stronger as they say. 'Sticks and stones can't break our bones' really makes sense now.

Being in Uni is going to be a new experience for me. Well, for one i'm going to stay in a dorm. Call me spoilt, but i have never been in a dorm before. I don't know what it looks like. The list of complaints is never ending; there's no air-cond, we have to share the tv and the toilets, we can't drive....Being a person who is adventerous and keen on challenges, i can only say one thing..BRING IT ON!

As i am typing this while my classmates of PM13 are studying Mathematics( hush...i'm playing hooky) i can't help but think about the memories that i had in Taylors(be it bad or good) and the friends i've made. To them i say thank you for bearing with me all this while and making the college experience worthwhile. To the dedicated lecturers, a big THANK YOU to you for teaching me without losing your temper. Yeah, i can be a bit slow but i have learned so much from you. Thank you so much. I will be lying if i tell you that I don't want to leave Taylor's( i really do want to leave.hehehe) but i wouldn't trade my experiences i had in at Taylor's or the numerous string of um...bad lucks for anything else in the world.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I am now a CAL PRE MED student at Taylor's University College Subang Jaya. It was a whirlwind decision i tell you. I literally decided to enroll a day before the day of the registration. I enrolled with the BANK NEGARA Scholars since i joined in late. The CAL course started like two weeks before!!! So, suddenly i found myself running around campus just after a long month of being a couch potato. The good thing is that i lost all the weight that i gained(if any)from eating all the junk food and doing nothing all day long.The bad thing is I find myself missing being a couch potato and how i envy all my friends who are at home doing nothing but having their eyes glued to the TV or computer.Sigh...oh well you can't have the best of both worlds.Oh bloody hell I'm starting to quote Hanna Montana!

Anyway, college is not what i expected. Sure it is cool and don't get me wrong, i do love being in college but sometimes i just find myself asking "WHAT AM I DOING HERE??"I guess you need time to adjust to the different environment. Although i must say i do get a bit irritated when my classmates call our lecturers teacher,teacher!!" This is college dudes! I didn't finish school just to hear people call the lecturers 'teachers' in college.

Anyway, CAL is not a bed of roses for those future college students! I am now passing whatever bit of wisdom i have gained for this pass three weeks. MAKE SURE YOU ARE REALLY REALLY SURE OF THE COURSE YOU'RE TAKING! Do not enroll in courses just because your friends are in it. Don't! What's good for them may not be so suitable for you. This is college. It's time to grow up and make certain decisions on your own. And do not allow your parents to influence you to much when deciding on a course or college. I'm not saying you shouldn't listen to them. They may have some good advice. Just be sure you are doing it for yourself and not because your mum and dad told you to do so. It's time to spread those wings of yours and leave the nest.But don't leave permanently lah! You still need money! HAHAHAHAHHA...

Anyway, i can only say this to my friends and those who are going to go to college, be ready my friends! College is an interesting experience!! But don't ruin it by going to clubs,partying and drinking. What's the point? You can do that when you have your own money!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Wow! it's now 2010! Can you believe that folks? How time flies... I have just recently turn 18 and am feeling slightly more matured(slightly). After spending a month criss-crossing the United States of America, i am so glad to be back home in Malaysia. Dorothy was right when she said "There's no place like home". We ran into a series of unfortunate events such as delays, a lost camera, security checks and the bloody aweful weather. Apart from that, the trip was a memorable and an eye-opening experience! Trust me, watching and hearing your mum screaming during the ride on Space Mountain is not something you forget easily.

Anyway, i now find myself sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time just to kill time. It's either that or watching TV. The only time i come in contact with other human beings is during my daily morning jog. I am seriously starting to lose my sanity if i keep this up. Some of my friends have started college and some have taken up language classes. Unfortunately for me, i am stuck at home with nothing to do. My mother told me to read a book, i did. I finished all the books that i have on my shelf in three days. That should be an indicator of how much time i have on my hands. To make matters worse, i started watching all the Disney classics on You Tube. What a way to travel down memory lane huh?

So i decided to post all my daily activities on my blog just to share with the thousands of other bored post SPM students who are facing the same problems as I am.
I am in the middle of preparing a series of guides for all the couch potatoes in need of help. See you soon!