Friday, September 4, 2009


Satu Malaysia:rakyat di dahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan. That is the tag line to our current PM's motto. I have to admit it is rather catchy though i still favour 'Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan'. Yes my friends, i have finally found free time to post something new. It has been awhile since my last post and for that i can only offer my apologies(macamlah ade org nak baca blog aku). My life has been quite hectic with SPM trials and the looming SPM on the horizon.

Anyway, before i begin my ramblings I would like to offer my condolences to the family of the late Yasmin Ahmad who passed away recently. Her sudden passing is a shock to us and the country has lost one of it's best talents. May Allah bless her soul.

Our beloved nation celebrated it's 52nd Independence Day recently. Even though it was a moderate even as compared to previous celebrations, no H1N1 pandemic can deter the spirit of Malaysians who performed and those who stood outside of the parliament. I admire the patriotism exhibited by my fellow Malaysians.

Our beloved Malaysia has now turn 52(technically Persekutuan Tanah Melayu is 52 years old). Wow! Imagine that!!! As we celebrate our independence, i cannot help but think about recent events that give the impression that we are still not united. The Kampung Buah Pala incident for example was only a small issue until some assholes made it into a political and racial issue. Now, we all know that race and religion are two very sensitive issues. VERY VERY SENSITIVE. I don't understand why must they make it a big issue? Kite ni kan civilised, x boleh bawa berbincang ker dahulu? We as Malaysians, regardless of race,culture or religion must unite in order for prosperity to reign. What happened to the days when Muthu, Ali and Ah Chong can go fishing without instigating and racial debate? I wish i could turn back the clock and live during those simple times. Remember, we achieve our independence together. Tunku Abdul Rahman did not go alone you know...... Representatives from other races went together with him to achieve independence for Malaya not for the Malays alone.

For those who find this offensive, i am very sorry. Again, i am only 17 and just beginning to learn about the world i live in. Yes for a 17 year old i am quite aware for our current political issues. I am very grateful that the government is more transparent(Thank You Pak Lah!) and a little bit less uptight(little, tiny,weeney bit). Freedom of speech is something we all crave for but do not abuse it. In a multiracial country, freedom of speech can be a very dangerous weapon. If you want to compare us to US, then you are wasting your time. It is just not fair for people to compare us to a country that has been independent for so long. Besides, seriously , you guys nak ke being compared to the most hypocritical country in the world. For example, remember when US warned us not to use ISA as a political weapon? Habis Guantanamo Bay tu ape benda? 5 star hotel? Please do not abuse our right for freedom of speech as it may be taken could happen you know......

A famous blogger was once detained under the Internal Security Act for posting something deemed sensitive and quite incriminating. Whether or not the information he posted is true, we may never know( i really, really want to know!!). We may crave for freedom of speech but i am afraid that we never fully get it. It may be the government or society itself that prevents us from getting it. Personally, i am not obsessed about it. We may be living in a conservative country that requires little changes but i am still happy. Even though we are a small country and tend to be missed by most foreigners( Where's Malaysia? is it near Singapore?), there is still no place like Malaysia. Malaysia truly Asia as they say... I was born here and i will die here. I will defend my country even if it means losing my life in the process.