Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ramblings of an idiot.

Hello there! It's been a while since i last posted anything. It's stress i tell you! Anyways, school is a torture as always. But i'm enjoying every minute of it(i think). I'm having my mid terms now.Torture!!!! I also started my English Literature class. Awesome and crazy.Of course that always happen when you have Nad and me.

Anyway, i took my BM and English paper on Monday. As you know, being a Malay doesn't mean you're good in BM.So there i was trying to figure out what the hell those 3 peribahasa were,cracking my head like i never cracked my head before. And then, i took my test pad and began to doodle.Little that i know a full-length poem of crap would come out of my head. You be the judge of this poem although i must warn you, this is really crapping that exceeds the normal,everyday crap-o-meter,if there is such a meter.

Ramblings of an Idiot

My name is Nazurah,
I'm bored,
I like pie,
My teeth are killing me,
I need help.Somebody help me.

This is Nadiah,
She likes pie too,
she needs help more than i do,
She is crazy,
crazy is good.

This is Warda,
She studies,
What is wrong with her,
She needs more help that Nad and i put together.

(ok,now is the part where i got a tad too political and dramatic)
I'm taking my exam now,
I'm bored,just plain bored,
why do we have to take exams?
why must we be subjected to long hours of sitting in class,
writing,waiting and staring blankly into space?
Why am i rambling all of this?What is with the education?
the school?
exploiting students with exams,tests,
killing us softly with their evil plan,
to take over the world(demented look)

we are nothing but empty babbling shells,robots,
not allowed to think and speak our mind,
just listening to propaganda everyday,
we need to be free!
this is what democracy means,isn't it?
the freedom to choose,
what's right and wrong,
what's sweet and sour,
what's hot and what's not!

oh cruel world........

i don't know what else to say,
this question is and always will be on my mind,
why must we take exams?i ask you now!
i'm pleading!begging!challenging!

answer me!tell me!enlightened me!
why do you torture us?
trapping us and destroying our imagination,
are you afraid of us?scared?terrified?
we are better and smarter that you think we are!

is that why you are afraid of us?
is that why you're doing this to us?
to stop us?
i should have known,
the old mind afraid to move on,to change
to develop,to improve.

i should have known.....
okay, i am done now,
done talking,done writing,done listening,done watching,
but the question will never go away,
haunting me and others alike,
but don't listen to me they would say,
i'm just a rambling idiot,
getting through life,

my name is Nazurah,
i'm done with my exam,
what should i do now?
why must we take exams?End.
p/s:this is just a mockery of the system.please don't sue me because i have no money!