Saturday, March 28, 2009

naznaz's opinion on politics

hey there who ever is bored enough to the point where they are willing to read my blog...

its been a while since i posted anything on this god forsaken blog. i wanted to write something about politics but i was afraid to get into trouble with the know the...(whisper)GOVERNMENT.....i mean, don't get me wrong, i do support the government, but sometimes you just want to stand up and scream at the monkeys who say they represent the malaysian people but ended up arguing like little kids over candy...i think one blogger in the ISA is enough... i do not wish to add 'ISA DETAINEE' in my scholarship application. however, having that sort of experience listed on my resume might just give me a boost...or not.

point 1:

anyway people, like i said, politics seem to be a funny thing. i mean the word 'money politics' in my opinion is just a better version of what we call BRIBERY. i don't think there is such a thing as MONEY POLITICS....but being Malaysians, we want to be the first in everything even to the point of creating a new phrase. but money politics sounds kinda catchy......

point 2:

a friend once said that a good government is free of corrupt politician. but does she know that a person needs to do favours in order to become a politician? bet you haven't looked at it this way! i mean, in order to rise through the ranks of a party, one must do special services or give some green paper to certain people so that they can help him during the campaign. so it is impossible to be corrupt free once you are called a politician! if the other party accused its opponent of bribery, then they must also realize that they are also doing the same thing. i me one uncorrupted politician in this whole world. one person who has never taken a bribe is his life...if it's not in the form of money, it may be presents, vip treatment at the spa, free concert tickets and so on...that is also considered bribery is it not? corruption in politics is cannot be can reduced but never destroyed poverty....however, i applaud Pak Lah's determination to stop corruption even though his time as the 5th prime minister is up. i also admire any politician who is willing to take up the impossible task.....

to the next future prime minister, datuk seri najib tun razak, i wish you good luck(you're gonna need it) and hope you can manage this, multiracial, hot and humid country(not to mention being a country unknown to a lot of idiot mat sallehs who think the country north of singapore is a big jungle!)we call MALAYSIA.

p/s:to all those mat sallehs who don't know where malaysia is, or who must be reminded that it is the country north of singapore, next to indonesia or next to brunei......we are MALAYSIANS...our country is called MALAYSIA! if you ever ask any malaysian where malaysia is...expect a punch....(hahhaha)

p/s:pls don't take it seriously...i mean im only 17. i too want to be a politician!