Friday, February 12, 2010

I am now a CAL PRE MED student at Taylor's University College Subang Jaya. It was a whirlwind decision i tell you. I literally decided to enroll a day before the day of the registration. I enrolled with the BANK NEGARA Scholars since i joined in late. The CAL course started like two weeks before!!! So, suddenly i found myself running around campus just after a long month of being a couch potato. The good thing is that i lost all the weight that i gained(if any)from eating all the junk food and doing nothing all day long.The bad thing is I find myself missing being a couch potato and how i envy all my friends who are at home doing nothing but having their eyes glued to the TV or computer.Sigh...oh well you can't have the best of both worlds.Oh bloody hell I'm starting to quote Hanna Montana!

Anyway, college is not what i expected. Sure it is cool and don't get me wrong, i do love being in college but sometimes i just find myself asking "WHAT AM I DOING HERE??"I guess you need time to adjust to the different environment. Although i must say i do get a bit irritated when my classmates call our lecturers teacher,teacher!!" This is college dudes! I didn't finish school just to hear people call the lecturers 'teachers' in college.

Anyway, CAL is not a bed of roses for those future college students! I am now passing whatever bit of wisdom i have gained for this pass three weeks. MAKE SURE YOU ARE REALLY REALLY SURE OF THE COURSE YOU'RE TAKING! Do not enroll in courses just because your friends are in it. Don't! What's good for them may not be so suitable for you. This is college. It's time to grow up and make certain decisions on your own. And do not allow your parents to influence you to much when deciding on a course or college. I'm not saying you shouldn't listen to them. They may have some good advice. Just be sure you are doing it for yourself and not because your mum and dad told you to do so. It's time to spread those wings of yours and leave the nest.But don't leave permanently lah! You still need money! HAHAHAHAHHA...

Anyway, i can only say this to my friends and those who are going to go to college, be ready my friends! College is an interesting experience!! But don't ruin it by going to clubs,partying and drinking. What's the point? You can do that when you have your own money!!!!