Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mental Breakdown

Hi there people out there! Sorry for not posting anything lately.Form 4 is just to hectic for me to do anything but studying.

Most of my friends are now going to asrama and MRSM.Yes,in life we male friends and we lose friends.OK, enough of the sentimental crap.As you know,Form 4 has streams like pure science,sub-science,accounts,sastera and so on.Ija,Warda,Afifa are now in sub science(accounts).Nadiah,Faris,Adnan,Fatin and and yours truly are all in pure science. Yeah, pure science is challenging but i assumed that i could handle it.All of us assumed.I really wished we didn't assumed.

Physics,Chemistry,Biology and EST are all new to us but so far i managed to cope with it. But there's one subject that can shake you to the very core.Two words that can scare any student anywhere.Additional Mathematics.Yup,this one subject has successfully brought me and Nadiah to tears.

Everytime there is Add Math, all of the students will groan.And to make matters worst, our teacher expects us to understand quickly because we are all 8 A students. The words that came out of her mouth are like languages that came from Venus or Mars. Post add math period, the students will walk in a daze as if in a trance.We look like zombies in school uniform.Our heads feel like being drilled by hundreds of jackhammers. So it's save to say that i am now experiencing a mental breakdown. Words like quadratic equation and inverse function will forever be something that belong in my nightmare.So guys,i hope you'll understand why i rarely post anything these days.Most likely i 'll be banging my head on the table or just staring blankly into space.