Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogs.....A sanctuary for bored people.

Hello, this is my second attempt at managing a blog. I don't understand the concept of blogging. I use to argue with Faris(the one and only) that blogs are a complete waste of time. I mean why would people tell the whole world what they're feeling?( I would probably provoke a lot of people by saying this).So people of the world, anybody who can tell me what is so fantastic about this unnatural phenomenon called 'blogs' don't hesitate to tell me.

Anyway, i skipped school today because i wanted to spend some quality time with a forgotten friend called TV. Two hours with it made me realised that there's nothing good on. Then with sudden blinding clarity, i realised that this situation has happen before.Let me explain..... Why is it that when we are busy with something, all the good shows would be on TV but when we actually have time to relax and enjoy some quality time with this brilliant invention..surprise..surprise..there's nothing on but crappy shows.So, here i am typing away while watching a guy called Johnny singing to these creatures called 'sprites' at playhouse disney.It's a

I wish to address the people who are working at Astro,please for the sake of humanity,put an end to the pain and misery that i and thousands of kids go through every single day. We don't want your money(actually money is not a bad idea), we just want good shows all time!That's not asking much right?