Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear premed students

1. Dudes, seriously, you don't have to wait outside the hall half an hour before class starts. Trust me, there is a seat for everyone.

2. You don't have to bring Guyton to class. Even we don't do that.

3. You don't have to borrow all the medical books in the library. Just pay attention in class. We need to use them too.

4. Try to lighten up guys.Take a chill pill. Enjoy life.And SMILE. You won't have much time to do that once you're in medicine.

5. The last advice is something that has been passed down since time began....." Premed ni sikit je. Nanti masuk medik lagi teruk. So rileks lah"



RaDiN said...

Hahah. Chill la naz.
Journey diorang baru bermula.
They haven't meet the clinical doctors yet.
Tak kena psycho lagi.

nazurah said...

Hahaha. Kalau ECE kena Dr.M

naqib rahim said...

1) i am a premed student, and found this is offensive. haha

2) ni gaya nak tunjuk psycho je sebenarnya. nampak tak? nampak tak?

3) guyton tu ape?

nazurah said...

hahaha sorry tht u were offended. you guys should enjoy premed seriously. u spend more time in the library than we did when we were in pre med.

a guyton is one of the most complicated physiology books out there. it will be your bible once you're in medical school. well not really there's always Fox and lecture notes

naqib rahim said...

haha, takde lah. ayat kt atas ayat sarkastik melawak je. tak terase offended lgsung

ohh okay ;)