Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello people!The Merdeka celebration came and past. I was honoured and proud to be able to take part in the celebration at Dataran Merdeka. Yes, I come from a long line of patriotic and political family. Just come to my village during Hari Raya and you will see a mini Parliament debate. I too am interested in politics. I even plan to become a senator. But recent events have made me ponder about the patriotism of others. I mean, our beloved country turned 51 this year and all people were talking about was the by-election. Hello! Wake up! I know the by-election was important but you would rather think about an election that determined the fate of a small area than to celebrate your country's independence?

Last year, every village,town and city in Malaysia were full of the Jalur Gemilang,our pride and joy. Regrettably,this year I can only see the flags of political parties in places that were not even part of the by-elections.Now i may only be 16 years old,but i wished that the people of this small but proud country would get their priorities straight. Sure, political parties fight,argue and point fingers at each other all the time but for one day, they should put aside their differences and unite as MALAYSIANS on this special day when the Union Jack was brought down and replaced with our own flag, signifying our triumph and liberation from those Red Coats. Our forefathers sacrificed everything they had in order to be free but the people of today just take everything for granted. Patriotism is fading in our generation. If this continues, i am afraid that we will be vulnerable to the world. Those who do not know their past are bound to repeat it again. Remember this and think about how we can make our 52nd Merdeka celebration next year a glorious one to inspire the people of Malaysia