Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Empty Notebooks.

I hate the feeling of not being able to write anything important in a very nice, expensive notebook.I feel guilty using the book to jot down my class assignments. Hang on, why should i feel guilty? It's a notebook is it not? Its sole purpose is to store whatever piece of information(important or not) I choose to write in it. So stop feeling guilty Naz and just write away!!
An empty Moleskine.Don't be too cautious about what you write on that page. Just write down anything. Even if it is just the grocery list.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear premed students

1. Dudes, seriously, you don't have to wait outside the hall half an hour before class starts. Trust me, there is a seat for everyone.

2. You don't have to bring Guyton to class. Even we don't do that.

3. You don't have to borrow all the medical books in the library. Just pay attention in class. We need to use them too.

4. Try to lighten up guys.Take a chill pill. Enjoy life.And SMILE. You won't have much time to do that once you're in medicine.

5. The last advice is something that has been passed down since time began....." Premed ni sikit je. Nanti masuk medik lagi teruk. So rileks lah"


Saturday, February 25, 2012


1.All of us are nerds.Deny as much as you want,once you're in medicine, you are a nerd. Look around, most of us have a book or lecture notes in hand.

2.You want to know how to spot a medical student when you're in UiTM? Look around for groups of students wearing baju kurung or a shirt and tie. Chances are they are medical students.

3.We bring tons of books back home even though we know we won't read more than a page. Why? Because if we don't bring anything home, we feel guilty. I'd rather waste energy carrying those thick ass books than feel guilty.

4.About 90% of us would have a "Why the heck did i choose medicine?" moment.

5.We get excited when we see a dead body. We get hungry after seeing a cadaver. Don't ask why. We just do.

6.Our lecture hall is more of a sauna than a lecture hall. I sweat more in there than i do exercising.

7.We have the ability to sleep during lectures while sitting up straight.

8.We also have the ability to appear focused and look like we understand what the lecturers are saying.

9.Now which one to read....hmmmm...Lecture notes...books...lecture notes...
books....Lecture notes WIN

10.We go around asking people "you baca lecture note ke baca buku?"

Friday, February 24, 2012


Okay so Semester 2 of medical school is looming. Yes, two weeks of holidays does not make up for the crap that i had to face in the first semester. Don't get me wrong, I love medicine. I do not regret choosing medicine. Not one bit. Okay, maybe a bit. Not that much. However, i'd be lying if I say that i didn't have doubts. Doubts on my ability to make it thru. To become a doctor. I still do have those doubts. I think they will forever be there, at the back of my mind, lurking somewhere, popping at odd moments.

The last 2 weeks prior to the exams were pure hell. An uphill battle. I don't think i have ever drank that much coffee in my life. 2 cans a day for two weeks. A word of advice to future medical students, "THOU SHALL NOT DO LAST MINUTE STUDYING". It does not work here. No sir, consistent studying is the way to go.

So, two weeks of vacation. I kept having nightmares about my result. One dream actually ended up with the Dean telling me to pack up my stuff and leave the faculty. Hahahaha...Gosh, the dreams were horrible. I kept telling myself, "You should have studied laaaah!!!!" Haish, my one gift is the ability to procrastinate studying. Never do that okay guys. Won't do you any good.

Anyway, the dreaded day finally arrived. Actually, it was this morning. So there i was, a nervous wreck,praying to God that I don't fail. When the pictures of the results were posted,( Apparently the faculty thinks that posting the results at the pantry is soo much easier. Heh)my hand was trembling, i couldn't control the mouse properly. Then....a miracle happened. Right there ....student id number 2011XXXXX8....A. I was like "WHAT THE FUCK! You've got to be shitting me!!!!" Closed my eyes. Opened them. Closed them back. Opened them. Put on my glasses. Yes it's true! I got an A

I think my eye twitched after that. Hahaha..Allah the Merciful and All Knowing decided to give me an A. I was shocked. I still am in shock. But you know what they say "Bersyukurlah kepada Allah". And I did just that. I still think that i don't deserve the A but who am I to go against God's will?

................. I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY.I'll just stop typing now. Still trying to make sense of today. To all my friends who did well for their exams,Congratulations! For those who didn't do well, we've got 5 years to go. Never give up.