Friday, December 3, 2010

Top ten things you should know about UiTM students

1)Every time we see each other we don't say "Hello". Instead we say "Oh my God I haven't finished my lab report yet."

2)We complain that we are not getting enough sleep because we spend late hours staying up to study. Don't hear us complaining about the lack of sleep when we stay up till 6 a.m. in front of the computer or the telly do you?

3)If you see us nodding repeatedly when the lecturer is looking at us while teaching, it means that we are not really paying attention. We just want the lecturer to stop looking at us.

4)We complain that we have too much work to do yet when the lecturers do not give us any we complain that they are not doing their jobs.

5)We loathe our lecturers for the amount of workload that they give but when he/she is replaced in the next semester, we say "Lecturer dulu tu kan lagi best"

6)We say that we don't miss our parents and we are glad to be free. Strangely, most of us go home every weekend.

7)High school student:I can't wait to finish high school and go to university
University student :I want to go back to high school!!!!!

8)70% of us would wake up every morning and say ,"What the hell am I doing here????"

9)Most of us gained weight after June 2010.

10)90% of us say " I shouldn't have applied for the JPA scholarship!"