Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Wow! it's now 2010! Can you believe that folks? How time flies... I have just recently turn 18 and am feeling slightly more matured(slightly). After spending a month criss-crossing the United States of America, i am so glad to be back home in Malaysia. Dorothy was right when she said "There's no place like home". We ran into a series of unfortunate events such as delays, a lost camera, security checks and the bloody aweful weather. Apart from that, the trip was a memorable and an eye-opening experience! Trust me, watching and hearing your mum screaming during the ride on Space Mountain is not something you forget easily.

Anyway, i now find myself sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time just to kill time. It's either that or watching TV. The only time i come in contact with other human beings is during my daily morning jog. I am seriously starting to lose my sanity if i keep this up. Some of my friends have started college and some have taken up language classes. Unfortunately for me, i am stuck at home with nothing to do. My mother told me to read a book, i did. I finished all the books that i have on my shelf in three days. That should be an indicator of how much time i have on my hands. To make matters worse, i started watching all the Disney classics on You Tube. What a way to travel down memory lane huh?

So i decided to post all my daily activities on my blog just to share with the thousands of other bored post SPM students who are facing the same problems as I am.
I am in the middle of preparing a series of guides for all the couch potatoes in need of help. See you soon!