Friday, October 17, 2008


when the ground shook,
when the sky turned pitch black from the black smoke from the guns and bombs,
when the river turned red with blood,
when the air smelled of death,
when houses burn,when women and children cry,
they can only think of home.

when nothing was heard but the sound of guns and screams,
they can only think of home,
the clear blue skies,
the wide ocean,the green grass,
the sounds of laughter fill their minds.

the soldiers are afraid,
the look on their faces betray their attempt to conceal it ,
they are afraid of death,
afraid of never being able to see their families, friends,
afraid of never being able to return home.

but their courage outweigh their fear,
their determination to win this war,to emerge victorious,
to make their country proud, no matter the price,
they may be afraid of death,
but the are comforted by the fact,
that they are serving their country,
their fatherland,
they are dying for a noble cause,defending their country,
freeing their beloved country from the oppressors,
liberating the people from being slaves on their own soil.

together they sang the national anthem,
singing it loudly, ignoring the sound of explosions,
as they sing, tears swell in their eyes,
not tears of fear,
but tears of determination,
tears of deliverence,
as their voice grew louder,their spirits sore, like an eagle in the sky.

they took one last look around them,
one last prayer, one last chat with their friends,
they do not know what is to become of them,
that is up to God,
they may die, they may live,
that is not known,but one thing is for certain,
if they do die in this war,on this battlefield,
it would be a glorious one,
a death for a greater cause,
deep down they know their death will not be in vain,
their death will inspire others to defend their beloved country.

they took a moment to have one last thought of home,
faces of their loved ones,as they do so, a smile formed on their lips.
their leader gave one last word of encouragement,he did not fail to inspire them,
to give them strength,they admire him for his spirit and determination,
they are glad to fight beside him.

finally, the time came,
it is the time they have been waiting for,
time to make their country proud,to make their families proud,
their leader gave his command to charge, and so they charge without a second thought,
charging into the fog of smoke,
into the unknown, facing death,
and they regret nothing.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Post Physics and EST stress!

i strive for my country, my people,
i hope that one day,
we will be strong, fearless,
never to be colonized again,
no longer looked down upon.

i pray that when our flag flies high,
people would look up in pride and say,"that's the Jalur Gemilang!"
never in fear nor shame

i dream that one day, we can unite,
as one,
one nation, one voice, one pride,
under the magnificent colours of the 'Stripes of Glory'
hand in hand,
we stand as one.

no! this is not a dream!,
it can happen,
it should happen,
it will happen.

stand up all malaysians!
i call upon thee!
stand up for thy country!
thy blood! thy fatherland!

prepare to defend our land,
our soil, our home,
let thy blood flow down to the ground,
to the Rajang river!
to the straits of Melaka!

let thy life end in the battlefield,
on the front lines,
with honour and pride,
than to live and see a foreign flag dominating our clear blue skies,
to live under a shadow of fear,
to be oppressed once more.

defend thy country!
to the last drop of blood,
to the last shout of MERDEKA!

never forget my comrades,
my brothers and sisters,
my people,
we were once colonized for centuries,
once made slaves on our own soil,
once reduced to mere servants.

remember!remember my friends!
let us not forget our past,
let us not repeat our ancestor's mistakes,
let us not be tempted by wealth and power,
blinded by lust and greed,
to the point where we sell our honour, our pride, our souls!
no more!

my friends!
now is our time!
our time to show the world,
to lead them,
to stand tall and proud,
on the world stage,
to remind them, who we are!
to remind them,
we are strong, we are united, we are one!

and let us not forget,
the famous cry of freedom,
the famous declaration of liberation,

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello people!The Merdeka celebration came and past. I was honoured and proud to be able to take part in the celebration at Dataran Merdeka. Yes, I come from a long line of patriotic and political family. Just come to my village during Hari Raya and you will see a mini Parliament debate. I too am interested in politics. I even plan to become a senator. But recent events have made me ponder about the patriotism of others. I mean, our beloved country turned 51 this year and all people were talking about was the by-election. Hello! Wake up! I know the by-election was important but you would rather think about an election that determined the fate of a small area than to celebrate your country's independence?

Last year, every village,town and city in Malaysia were full of the Jalur Gemilang,our pride and joy. Regrettably,this year I can only see the flags of political parties in places that were not even part of the by-elections.Now i may only be 16 years old,but i wished that the people of this small but proud country would get their priorities straight. Sure, political parties fight,argue and point fingers at each other all the time but for one day, they should put aside their differences and unite as MALAYSIANS on this special day when the Union Jack was brought down and replaced with our own flag, signifying our triumph and liberation from those Red Coats. Our forefathers sacrificed everything they had in order to be free but the people of today just take everything for granted. Patriotism is fading in our generation. If this continues, i am afraid that we will be vulnerable to the world. Those who do not know their past are bound to repeat it again. Remember this and think about how we can make our 52nd Merdeka celebration next year a glorious one to inspire the people of Malaysia

Friday, July 25, 2008


Tomorrow. What is tomorrow? Tomorrow gives man hope. Tomorrow gives man a chance to change and improve. Tomorrow maybe the day after today or lightyears from now. What is clear, tomorrow is a day of innovation.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ramblings of an idiot.

Hello there! It's been a while since i last posted anything. It's stress i tell you! Anyways, school is a torture as always. But i'm enjoying every minute of it(i think). I'm having my mid terms now.Torture!!!! I also started my English Literature class. Awesome and crazy.Of course that always happen when you have Nad and me.

Anyway, i took my BM and English paper on Monday. As you know, being a Malay doesn't mean you're good in BM.So there i was trying to figure out what the hell those 3 peribahasa were,cracking my head like i never cracked my head before. And then, i took my test pad and began to doodle.Little that i know a full-length poem of crap would come out of my head. You be the judge of this poem although i must warn you, this is really crapping that exceeds the normal,everyday crap-o-meter,if there is such a meter.

Ramblings of an Idiot

My name is Nazurah,
I'm bored,
I like pie,
My teeth are killing me,
I need help.Somebody help me.

This is Nadiah,
She likes pie too,
she needs help more than i do,
She is crazy,
crazy is good.

This is Warda,
She studies,
What is wrong with her,
She needs more help that Nad and i put together.

(ok,now is the part where i got a tad too political and dramatic)
I'm taking my exam now,
I'm bored,just plain bored,
why do we have to take exams?
why must we be subjected to long hours of sitting in class,
writing,waiting and staring blankly into space?
Why am i rambling all of this?What is with the education?
the school?
exploiting students with exams,tests,
killing us softly with their evil plan,
to take over the world(demented look)

we are nothing but empty babbling shells,robots,
not allowed to think and speak our mind,
just listening to propaganda everyday,
we need to be free!
this is what democracy means,isn't it?
the freedom to choose,
what's right and wrong,
what's sweet and sour,
what's hot and what's not!

oh cruel world........

i don't know what else to say,
this question is and always will be on my mind,
why must we take exams?i ask you now!
i'm pleading!begging!challenging!

answer me!tell me!enlightened me!
why do you torture us?
trapping us and destroying our imagination,
are you afraid of us?scared?terrified?
we are better and smarter that you think we are!

is that why you are afraid of us?
is that why you're doing this to us?
to stop us?
i should have known,
the old mind afraid to move on,to change
to develop,to improve.

i should have known.....
okay, i am done now,
done talking,done writing,done listening,done watching,
but the question will never go away,
haunting me and others alike,
but don't listen to me they would say,
i'm just a rambling idiot,
getting through life,

my name is Nazurah,
i'm done with my exam,
what should i do now?
why must we take exams?End.
p/s:this is just a mockery of the system.please don't sue me because i have no money!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mental Breakdown

Hi there people out there! Sorry for not posting anything lately.Form 4 is just to hectic for me to do anything but studying.

Most of my friends are now going to asrama and MRSM.Yes,in life we male friends and we lose friends.OK, enough of the sentimental crap.As you know,Form 4 has streams like pure science,sub-science,accounts,sastera and so on.Ija,Warda,Afifa are now in sub science(accounts).Nadiah,Faris,Adnan,Fatin and and yours truly are all in pure science. Yeah, pure science is challenging but i assumed that i could handle it.All of us assumed.I really wished we didn't assumed.

Physics,Chemistry,Biology and EST are all new to us but so far i managed to cope with it. But there's one subject that can shake you to the very core.Two words that can scare any student anywhere.Additional Mathematics.Yup,this one subject has successfully brought me and Nadiah to tears.

Everytime there is Add Math, all of the students will groan.And to make matters worst, our teacher expects us to understand quickly because we are all 8 A students. The words that came out of her mouth are like languages that came from Venus or Mars. Post add math period, the students will walk in a daze as if in a trance.We look like zombies in school uniform.Our heads feel like being drilled by hundreds of jackhammers. So it's save to say that i am now experiencing a mental breakdown. Words like quadratic equation and inverse function will forever be something that belong in my nightmare.So guys,i hope you'll understand why i rarely post anything these days.Most likely i 'll be banging my head on the table or just staring blankly into space.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Nationwide Search:Please Return this Girl to Her Family

Sorry for not posting any new post lately.I've been quite busy with school work.Did i tell you i passed PMR with flying colours?Hahaha!

Anyway,back to business.Now,Malaysians are aware of the heart wrenching story of Nurin Jazlin.The girl who was kidnapped,raped and killed.She was just an innocent child.Now another girl Sharlinie,5 years old has been kidnapped.

The nationwide search has inspired me to do my part. I am appealing for the return of this young girl.Please don't let Sharlinie suffer as Nurin did.I am asking the Malaysian people,doesn't matter if you are 16 or 60, to join the nationwide search for Sharlinie.You never know, your efforts can make a lot of difference.Thank you.