Tuesday, December 18, 2007

PMR Results:15 year olds version of The End Of Days.

You know that in the Quran,Bible and the Torah tells us about The End Of Days right?The Armageddon,the day the world goes KABOOM!.We all know that it's gonna happen.But there's one Armageddon that's looming....PMR results! The day that every 15 year old Malaysian dread!The day that will determine whether we make it or not. Science stream or art stream.And on that one dreadful day,you will receive a piece of paper.....a paper that will determine your future and have the power to destroy your dream...The result slip!

Now i know i'm over reacting but that is the awful truth! After 2 1/2 years preparing for this battle and almost 3 months of waiting,it's just around the corner. Everyday i keep thinking and asking myself will i get 8 A's and make my family proud or will i just fail miserably, and every single day i try to not think about the latter outcome. I think PMR is just a sick,twisted game by the government to rewrite the meaning and joy of being a teenager! I think that all students will agree with me on this!So i have one thing to all of you who are waiting anxiously for your PMR results......Be Brave and Pray as much as you can!

The decay of morality!

Hello people of the world! I humbly apologize for not posting anything in a while as i was busy representing my beloved country(Malaysia boleh!) for the International Red Cross/Red Crescent programme in Japan! Anyway,before i start bragging about it.....let's get down to business.

Yesterday, while i was trying to amuse myself out of boredom with youtube..... i stumble upon a video with the title 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE'. Now I've heard of this video but I didn't thought it was worth my time to watch. Oh how glad i am now that i was wrong! I thought it might be one of those sad, pathetic videos about Britney fans glorifying Miss Spears. I was right in a way......But this was beyond my wildest imaginations!

The clip starts of with this girl(i thought it was a girl but turns out to be a guy) under, what appears to be a sheet or blanket crying. She then starts talking(between sobs and screams) about tabloids and the paparazzi making money out of Britney's now infamous escapades.
In a nutshell, this guy/girl warned people who wants to hurt Miss Spears have to deal with her.

I was appalled and amused by this guy/girl. He/she had the guts to cry,scream and threaten people in order to defend his/her(whatever this person is) idol! I began to learn more about her on Wikipedia and guess what i found out....This dude(or if you prefer dudette) is actually openly gay and has been so since he was six years old.He was home schooled because of the constant threats by his small community in his hometown.

What i'm trying to say here is that our generation has now lost any sense of morality! I mean this guy/girl clearly shows an obsession with the world of celebrities and has in my opinion lost touch with reality! I mean another video of his showed that he cares more about Miss Spears here than what happened on 9/11. This clearly shows that this guy/girl is nuts! In need of a psychiatrist or an exorcism!If you think that's bad, you should watch his tribute to Britney....singing Gimme more. Not pleasant for the ears,eyes and mental health! He was touching himself and dancing erotically! Not nice! It was like she was possessed by the devil or something!It's worst than the exorcist!

If you have time to watch his other videos,you will understand what i mean. I'm not saying this because he's gay(maybe it influenced me a little)but because he was willing to humiliate himself so that Britney will not be terrorised by the media.Yeah like that's gonna happen!So i will let you to decide whether this guy needs a priest or a shrink.......

Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogs.....A sanctuary for bored people.

Hello, this is my second attempt at managing a blog. I don't understand the concept of blogging. I use to argue with Faris(the one and only) that blogs are a complete waste of time. I mean why would people tell the whole world what they're feeling?( I would probably provoke a lot of people by saying this).So people of the world, anybody who can tell me what is so fantastic about this unnatural phenomenon called 'blogs' don't hesitate to tell me.

Anyway, i skipped school today because i wanted to spend some quality time with a forgotten friend called TV. Two hours with it made me realised that there's nothing good on. Then with sudden blinding clarity, i realised that this situation has happen before.Let me explain..... Why is it that when we are busy with something, all the good shows would be on TV but when we actually have time to relax and enjoy some quality time with this brilliant invention..surprise..surprise..there's nothing on but crappy shows.So, here i am typing away while watching a guy called Johnny singing to these creatures called 'sprites' at playhouse disney.It's a sad...sad...world.

I wish to address the people who are working at Astro,please for the sake of humanity,put an end to the pain and misery that i and thousands of kids go through every single day. We don't want your money(actually money is not a bad idea), we just want good shows all time!That's not asking much right?