Friday, December 4, 2009


Hello there to those who happen to stumble to my blog! Sorry for not posting anything for so long as i am currently taking my SPM!!!

SPM is drawing to a close and i could not be happier. I am sure all FORM 5 students all over Malaysia agree with me. After 11 years of school life, i cannot wait to be free. No more uniforms is a welcoming thought! Anyway, some of the SPM papers were ok, some were F***ING HARD! Add math was an example. I mean, the first paper was ok but the second was just frustrating.I guess i was never very good with numbers. I suppose my only comfort is that you don't need Add Math in Med school right? right?

The most satisfying part of the whole SPM ordeal is the cleaning up part. Yup. Nothing is more satisfying than throwing away all those text books,reference books and exam papers that you have accumulated for 2 years. It is a form of therapy. Imagine throwing away that god forsaken SEJARAH text books after 2 years of enslaving your brain with sometimes unless info that have nothing to do with history OR tearing all the exam papers that you have kept in dusty files. If only i could have a bon fire using the papers. While i am taking SPM, several issues have popped up amongst the students which i thought are worth discussing.


The issue of SPM crops up another topic which has bothered SPM candidates all over Malaysia. The grading system. Yes the f****ing grading system. HOW CAN THEY CHANGE THE GRADING SYSTEM A FEW MONTHS BEFORE THE ACTUAL EXAM! I would like to meet the asshole who came up with the brilliant idea. Does the Ministry of Education employ morons to work for them? I mean changing A1 to A+ this year is just ludicrous.You don't build the Petronas Twin Towers a few months after planning it. Is this an indication that the Minister of Education is not doing his job? Perhaps to busy with politics to actually care about the well being of the education system?
I thought having a new Minister of Education would solve problems not create new ones. Clearly they are all from the same mould, the UMNO MOULD.

They should stop mixing politics and education. This is just one territory that should not be tarnished by the corrupted and grubby hands of politics. You politicians can take it to the parliment but do not involve us students.


I am sure many of you do not enjoy Sejarah. I, on the other hand enjoy Sejarah. The bravery of our ancestors, the problems we faced in our country and what we did to gain independence. However there are certain topics in the books that i could not for the life of me relate to history. Certain things that should belong in a SIVIK textbook then Sejarah.One example is the Wawasan 2020. The vision was the brainchild of Tun Dr. Mahathir in the 1990's as a way to encourage Malaysians to work harder in order to quote 'menjadikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara yang maju dengan menggunakan acuan sendiri setanding dengan negara maju di dunia'. Yes, the vision was coined up in the past so i suppose it does have a place in our textbook. However, the explanations that were given to us sound like a government propaganda scheme. Glorifying the government in ways that are clearly not true. Too many times have i read the credits the government receive for things that they clearly do not deserve. For those who don't believe me, try reading the Sejarah text books and see for yourselves.The propagandas in the textbooks though is subtle rivals that of the Third Reich's propaganda of the supremecy of the Aryan race. Come to think of it, our Ketuanan Melayu issue is similar to that of the supremecy of the Aryan race. Thank God we are not that extreme.To the government, TRY READING THE TEXT BOOKS! UNDERSTAND WHAT WE STUDENTS FEEL!