Wednesday, June 10, 2009

pakai casual jer...

it is true that girls are vain? according to the world yes. we are vain. but i never thought i would be really vain.

adnan is having a birthday dinner or party or what ever you want to call it at the Equatorial Hotel(hope the spelling is right). Of course Nad and I are invited along with some other friends. i didn't think much about it until adnan called on my phone during English Lit class(perfect timing Adnan!!!!) to confirm our attendance.I asked him what is the 'dress code' for the evening and he said casual.

LEARN SOMETHING HERE ADNAN: casual to nad and i=track suit and an old comfy t-shirt or PJ's!!!

after the lit class, i told nad that i was busy thinking about what to wear instead of paying attention in class(I hope Pn. Mohana,(gulp) doesn't read my post!). and whaddaya know, she was thinking the same thing too. sighhhh... nad, we really need to stop thinking about the same things.anyway, i spent the whole evening and night going through my closet. SOS: I NEED HELP.THE DINNER IS TONITE!!!!!

so while i'm typing away, i am still thinking about what to wear for tonite.Kenapa nak buat kat hotel!!!!! kan dah susah anak dara dua orang nih, dah tak tahu nak pakai ape!!!.jeez, rich people!!!

sadly, i have to throw my ego out the window and say I AM VAIN!!!!.